DIY Wall Painting and Faux Finishing Tutorials

wall, ceiling and trim paint in a dining room
Interior Painting Ideas--suggestion for painting and decorating walls, ceilings and trim molding
decorating scheme for a living room
Interior Decorating Ideas--tips and methods for choosing room décor including paint colors, floor coverings, and furnishings
faux painting glaze
Faux Painting Glaze--use the color wheel to mix glaze and paint colors for faux finishing
sponge painting techniques
Sponge Painting--techniques for transparent, opaque, and flowing sponge finishes for walls and more
stone faux finish
Stone Faux Finishes--turn any surface in the house into stone using this process
faux crackle painting
Crackled Paint--bring old furniture back to life with this easy process for creating an antique look
faux painting finish on walls
Faux Wall Painting--endless creative possibilities with this simple, easy to do wall finishing process
rag painting faux finish
Rag Painting--create a faux leather or suede finish with these techniques for walls and furnishings
faux painting dragging and combing
Drag Painting Techniques--faux drag painting process for walls or furniture including combing and brushing techniques
paint stripes on walls
Paint Stripes on Walls--measuring, taping, and painting vertical stripes on walls
touch up wall paint
Touching Up Wall Paint--clean up wall and ceiling finishes so they look better, not worse
painting trim molding
Painting Trim Molding--method for painting a straight line between trim molding and wall paint using masking tape
painting a white ceiling
Painting a White Ceiling--paint a nice, straight line between ceiling and wall accent colors
paint brushing techniques
Paint Brushing Techniques--tips for brushing wall, ceiling, and trim edges before rolling
diagram for painting a ceiling with a roller
Painting Walls and Ceilings With a Roller--techniques for rolling paint on walls and ceilings
touch up wall paint
Interior Room Painting--tips for setup and painting a room including bathrooms and unusual surfaces like wallpaper and paneling
scraping peeling exterior paint
Painting Preparation Techniques--tips for preparing surfaces before painting
trim prep techniques diy
Preparing Wood Trim--use these techniques to prepare wood trim molding for painting
trim caulking techniques diy
Caulking Techniques--use this technique for a professional looking paint job
rotted wood trim repaired
Repair Rotted Wood--repairing rotted wood trim molding with epoxy filler
efflorescence on concrete surface
Repairing and Painting Concrete--removing efflorescent bubbling, repairing minor cracks, and painting masonry surfaces
about cleaning and blocking stains
Cleaning and Blocking Stains--rules and tips for cleaning all types of stains and household surfaces
scraping exterior peeling paint
Repainting Lead Paint--EPA guidelines for preparing and painting lead-based painted surfaces in the home
rolling a cabinet case
Painting Kitchen Cabinets--instructions for preparing and painting kitchen cabinets
removing vinyl wallpaper
Wallpaper Removal--easy process for removing wallpaper and paste for vinyl and paper wallpaper
improvised scaffolding using ladders and lumber
Painting High Ceilings--using ladders and lumber to build scaffolding to paint high ceilings
house Dutch Lap siding
Painting House Exterior--methods for painting exterior house siding and trim
about paint rollers
Choosing a Paint Roller--a guide to choosing the right roller for paint finish and surface
about paint tools and materials
About House Paint, Primer, and Solvent--all about house paints, primers, and solvents and how to choose the right one for surface and location
about paint tools and materials
Painting and Wall Tools--choose the right tools and materials for repairing and finishing walls, ceilings, and trim
paint roller extension pole
How to Wash Paint Tools--washing paint brushes and rollers

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