faux crackle painting

Crackle Paint Your Old Furniture

Bring old furniture back to life with this easy process for creating an antique look. Works for painted and natural surfaces.

touch up wall paint

Touch Up Your Wall Paint

Clean and brighten up wall and ceiling finishes so they look better, not worse. Use the best paint and techniques to get the best possible results.

diagram of new wiring for ceiling fan

Frame for a New Ceiling Fan

Add a new ceiling fan or light fixture where non existed before with this step-by-step process. Support large fans and heavy light fixtures.

installing crown molding diy

Install Some Crown Molding

Compound miter saw setting and instructions for cutting and installing 52° crown molding. Coping instructions for inside corners on wood molding.

pulling wallpaper off a wall

Strip Old Wallpaper and Paste

If you have wallpaper you want to get rid of, you'll need to strip it to get down to the bare wall. It's important to get the paper and all the paste off or it may ruin your new paint job. Use this process for the most painless way to accomplish your goal.

painting wall stripes with a sausage roller

Paint Vertical Stripes on Your Walls

Measure, mark and paint vertical stripes on walls using the techniques here for calculating the size for various and consistent widths, no matter how long your wall is.

skim coating over a wall

Learn Skim Coating Techniques

Whether you have a little rough patch on you wall or you need to smooth out a whole room, use these skim coating techniques to get the results you want.