string lights behind crown molding

Crown Molding Lighting

Pictures and instructions for installing crown molding lighting with string lights to add a bit of warmth to any room

custom-built baseboard

Trim Molding Ideas

Get some ideas with these examples of custom-built trim molding using commonly available molding profiles

faux painting glaze

Faux Painting Glaze

Using a color wheel to mix glaze and paint colors for faux finishing and other projects

wall, ceiling and trim paint in a dining room

Interior Painting Ideas

Suggestion for painting and decorating walls, ceilings and trim molding in your home

paint stripes on walls

Paint Stripes on Walls

How to measure, tape, and paint vertical stripes on walls including varied and consistent widths

fan light kit wiring diagram

Wiring Diagrams for a Fan/Light Kit

Wiring diagrams for ceiling fans including separate speed control and light dimmer.

wiring diagram for a floor lamp

Lamp Wiring Diagrams

Wiring for standard, 3-way and antique lamps with 2 or more light sockets

wiring diagram for several doorbell circuits

Doorbell Wiring Diagrams

Wiring for hardwired and battery powered doorbells including adding an AC adapter to power an old house door bell.

repairing a crack in plaster

Repair Wall and Ceiling Cracks

How to repair cracks in drywall, gypsum board and lath plaster, walls and ceilings, VIDEO included

bubbling paint on a wall

Repair Bubbling Paint

Pictures and instructions for repairing bubbling and blistering paint and joint compound, VIDEO included

using a dustdog sanding attachment

Dust Free Drywall Sanding

Instructions for using a shopvac to sand drywall and joint compound with minimal dust, VIDEO included