wiring diagram for a floor lamp

Lamp Switch Wiring Diagrams

Wiring for a standard table lamp, a 3-way socket lamp, and an antique lamp with four bulbs and two switches

torn drywall paper

Repair Torn Drywall Paper

Pictures and instructions for effectively repairing damaged and torn drywall paper on walls and ceilings, VIDEO included

wall, ceiling and trim paint in a dining room

Interior Painting Ideas

Suggestion for painting and decorating walls, ceilings, and trim molding for every room in your home

supporting a new drywall ceiling with a tee

Hanging a Drywall Ceiling

Step-by-step drywall ceiling installation guide including how to add furring strips, place and hang the sheetrock, drive screws, and finish the seams

egg and dart molding profile

Trim Molding Styles

Examples of molding styles for decorative trim around doors, windows, and walls, including Victorian, Neoclassical, Colonial, and Mission/Craftsman designs

framing a wall for a window

Framing a Wall for a New Window

Measurements, diagrams and step-by-step instructions for framing a wall to install a new window where non existed before

window counterweight access panel

Window Sash Cord Repair

Step-by-step repair instructions for old, wooden, double-hung window sashes with broken cord/counter weight assembly, VIDEO included

sponge painting techniques

Sponge Painting

Techniques and step-by-step instructions for transparent, opaque, and flowing sponge finishes to decorate walls, ceilings, furniture, and more

light switch drawing

How to Replace Switches and Receptacles

Choosing and replacing household light switches and wall receptacles.

touch up wall paint

Touching Up Wall Paint

How to clean up wall and ceiling paint finishes so they end up looking better, not worse

removing vinyl wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal

Easy process for stripping and removing wallpaper and paste for vinyl and paper wallpapers, old and new

3 way switch diagram

Wiring Diagrams for 3-Way Switches

Diagrams for 3-way switch circuits including those with the light at the beginning, middle, and end; a 3-way dimmer circuit, arrangements with multiple lights, to control a receptacle, and troubleshooting tips for these circuits

paint brushing techniques

Paint Brushing Techniques

Tips for brushing paint on walls, ceilings, and trim edges to cut-in before doing the roller work

trim prep techniques diy

Preparing Wood Trim for Paint

Use these techniques to prepare wood trim moldings for a beautiful, lasting paint finish