DIY Home Remodeling Project Guides

framing an interior wall
Framing an Interior Wall-
Measure, layout, and frame a new partition wall
framing a wall for a window
Framing a Wall for a Window-
Measurements and diagrams for framing a wall to install a new window
framing a wall to install a door
How to Frame a Door Opening-
Measurement and instructions for cutting walls and adding framing to install a new door
cutting wall studs to install a door
Cutting Wall Studs-
Cutting studs to frame a wall for a new door or window
cutting a sole plate
Cutting a Sole Plate-
Instructions for cutting the sole plate to install a new door frame
cutting studs and building a header
Building a Header-
Measurements and instructions for building a header for a new door or window
remodeling a wall for a new door or window
Wall Remodeling-
Open a wall for a new door or window installation
installing doors and windows
Installing Doors and Windows-
Install a new pre-hung door or window unit
white ceiling fan
Framing for a New Ceiling Fan-
Add a new ceiling fan or light fixture with this step-by-step process
crown molding lighting with string lights
Crown Molding Lighting-
Pictures and instructions for installing crown molding lighting with string lights to add a bit of warmth to any room
installing crown molding diy
Cut and Install Crown Molding-
How to use a compound miter saw settings and detailed instructions for installing standard 52° crown molding
supporting a new drywall ceiling with a tee
Hang a Drywall Ceiling-
Step-by-step drywall installation guide
double-hung window diagram
Double-Hung Window Repair-
Repairing double-hung window sash cord and counter weight
prefab access panel in a wall
Installing a Wall Access Panel-
Cut a hole in drywall or plaster and install a prefab access panel
threaded wall anchor
Choosing Wall Anchors-
Pictorial guide to wall anchors for drywall, plaster, paneling, concrete, and masonry
framing for a house
Choosing Lumber-
A guide to lumber and sheet materials for construction and remodeling
example of 45 degree miter
Carpentry Techniques-
Techniques for cutting and joining wood boards and trim molding
battery packs cordless tools
Guide to Home Improvement Tools-
A guide to hand and power tools for do-it-yourself home improvement projects
painted wood radiator cover
Build a Radiator Cover
If you have old fashioned cast iron radiators, a cover can open up new possibilities for decor and storage
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