DIY Home Remodeling Project Guides

framing an interior wall
Framing an Interior Wall-
Measure, layout, and frame a new partition wall
framing a wall for a window
Framing a Wall for a Window-
Measurements and diagrams for framing a wall to install a new window
framing a wall to install a door
How to Frame a Door Opening-
Measurement and instructions for cutting walls and adding framing to install a new door
cutting wall studs to install a door
Cutting Wall Studs-
Cutting studs to frame a wall for a new door or window
cutting a sole plate
Cutting a Sole Plate-
Instructions for cutting the sole plate to install a new door frame
cutting studs and building a header
Building a Header-
Measurements and instructions for building a header for a new door or window
remodeling a wall for a new door or window
Wall Remodeling-
Open a wall for a new door or window installation
installing doors and windows
Installing Doors and Windows-
Install a new pre-hung door or window unit
white ceiling fan
Framing for a New Ceiling Fan-
Add a new ceiling fan or light fixture with this step-by-step process
crown molding lighting with string lights
Crown Molding Lighting-
Pictures and instructions for installing crown molding lighting with string lights to add a bit of warmth to any room
installing crown molding diy
Cut and Install Crown Molding-
How to use a compound miter saw settings and detailed instructions for installing standard 52° crown molding
supporting a new drywall ceiling with a tee
Hang a Drywall Ceiling-
Step-by-step drywall installation guide
double-hung window diagram
Double-Hung Window Repair-
Repairing double-hung window sash cord and counter weight
prefab access panel in a wall
Installing a Wall Access Panel-
Cut a hole in drywall or plaster and install a prefab access panel
threaded wall anchor
Choosing Wall Anchors-
Pictorial guide to wall anchors for drywall, plaster, paneling, concrete, and masonry
framing for a house
Choosing Lumber-
A guide to lumber and sheet materials for construction and remodeling
example of 45 degree miter
Carpentry Techniques-
Techniques for cutting and joining wood boards and trim molding
battery packs cordless tools
Guide to Home Improvement Tools-
A guide to hand and power tools for do-it-yourself home improvement projects
rip cut jig for circular saw
Make Circular Saw Jigs
Designs and build instructions for rip and crosscut jigs that can be used to accurately cut boards with a circular saw
folding sawhorses
Build Folding Sawhorses
Designs and build instructions for sawhorses that can fold away for easy storage
painted wood radiator cover
Build a Radiator Cover
If you have old fashioned cast iron radiators, a cover can open up new possibilities for decor and storage
wooden garden arbor
How to Build a Garden Arbor
A wood arbor can add a handsome focal point to any backyard or garden space. The work involved is basically the same whether you choose to build a simple design or a more elaborate one
four foot high picket fence
Building a Picket Fence
How to use 1x3 furring strips to build a picket fence for about $18 per 8 foot section
garden fence and plant trellises
Pest Proof Garden Fence
How to build a pest proof garden fence to keep out deer, groundhogs, rabbits, and more
stockade fence sections and post
How to Build a Fence
How to layout and build a fence including measuring, digging post holes, setting posts, and backfilling
cucumber trellis
Building Garden Trellises
How to build trellises and supports for garden vegetable and fruiting plants
interlocking brick landscape border
Landscape Border Ideas
Ideas for making borders around yard and garden
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