Repair Stripped Screw Hole in Wood

by: Dale Cox

photo wood hole and toothpicks

If you drill a hole in wood in the wrong place, or you want to replace a screw that wobbles in its hole, you'll need to fill the hole with a wood plug and start over.

Dip Toothpicks in Wood Glue

photo dipping a toothpick into wood glue

Use wooden toothpicks and wood glue to plug the hole. Pour a bit of glue into a small saucer or plastic tub lid. Use solid wood toothpicks and completely coat the ends, one at a time, with the glue just before pushing them into the hole.

Fill the Hole with Glued Toothpicks

photo inserting a toothpick covered with wood glue into a hole in wood

Push the first toothpick firmly to the bottom of the hole and follow with as many additional toothpicks as needed to completely fill the opening. Use a hammer to lightly tap the last toothpick home and make sure it's tight.

Cut the Plug Flush

photo using a japan saw to cut toothpicks flush with a wooden board

Let the glue dry and cut the protruding ends of the toothpicks flush with the surrounding wood. Sand the plug and then drill a new pilot hole before installing your new screw.