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Painting and Faux Finishing Projects

How to Prep for Interior Painting

Pictures and instructions for masking floors and trim before painting an interior room.

Painting a Stairwell Ceiling

(VIDEO) Demonstrating how to set ladders and use 2by lumber to build an improvised scaffolding in a stairwell.

Removing Popcorn Ceiling Asbestos

Instructions for safely removing old asbestos popcorn ceiling texture. In the US, removing asbestos may only be done by the homeowner or a qualified contractor, the process at this link will help you do it yourself.

The Painted Surface

An online guide for your home and office painting projects.

Applying Venetian Plaster

(VIDEO) Pictures and instructions for applying a venetian plaster finish. Also includes a video demonstrating the application of Valspar® venetian plaster product with a roller and trowel.

How to Remove Venetian Plaster

Instructions and tips for removing an unwanted venetian plaster finish from walls.

How to Hang Wallpaper and Borders

Detailed, step-by-step instruction for hanging new wallpaper and borders.

EPA Pamphlet: Renovate Right

Tips for choosing a lead-paint contractor, how to deal with the renovation process and how to keep you family safe while the work is being done.

Carpentry and Trim Projects

Western Red Cedar and Redwood Structures

Design ideas, construction guides, handling and finishing tips, grades and usage guide, and many more topics thoroughly covered, many in PDF form by Bear Creek Lumber. Also a great source for Western Red Cedar and Redwood to build decks, fences, pergolas, as well as interior paneling and exterior siding installation.

Wood Product Guides

Lots of PDF formatted information on wood products and helpful installation guides.

Bleaching to Lighten Wood

(VIDEO) Animated tutorial demonstrates bleaching to lighten wood finishes. Links to other animated furniture finishing tutorials including stripping, staining and varnishing.

Coping Inside Corners with a Jigsaw

(VIDEO) Detailed video demonstrates how to cope inside corners on crown molding using a miter saw and electric jigsaw.

Coping Inside Corners with a Coping Saw

(VIDEO) Demonstrates how to cut inside crown molding corners using a miter saw and coping saw.

Coping Inside Molding Corners

Details and pictures for cutting coped molding joints in a great PDF file.

Finish Carpentry Techniques

All types of moldings projects including trim for doors and windows, baseboard and plinth blocks. Many pictures and detailed instructions for choosing, cutting and installing moldings. Door and window casing styles including craftsman, victorian, mitered and butt joints. PDF File.

Trim Carpentry Tips

Pictures and instructions for installing wood trim molding around doors, windows and floors.

Installing Window Casings

Pictures and step-by-step instructions for cutting and building custom window casings.

Door Trim Over Protruding Drywall

Solution for protruding drywall at door jamb; Pictures and instructions for installing the trim molding.

How to Build Stairs

Pictures, instructions, diagrams and calculations for building a cut–stringer staircase.

Door and Window Projects

Installing Doors

Instructions for installing interior, storm and entry doors. In addition to installation, instructions include cutting hinge mortises and installing locks.

Installing a New Window

Cutting, framing and finishing for a new window installation. Pictures and step-by-step instructions for installing new windows where none exists now.

Electrical Projects

Troubleshooting Home Electrical Circuits

Steps and tips for finding problems with household electrical circuits.

NEC Codes

Extensive collection of electrical codes and the latest changes to be aware of.

How to Wire It

Links to wiring diagrams including switches, receptacles, thermostats, dryer cord, landscape lighting and more.

Wiring a Hot Tub Spa

Wiring diagram for control panel and instructions for installing a hot tub spa. Pictures and instructions for running cable, installing the service panel, wiring and more.

Solar Power for Your House

Building a solar electrical supply for the home. Rob Kemp takes you thru his experience building and installing a solar power source for his home. Details of all aspects of the job.

Kitchen and Bath Projects

Replacement Cabinet Doors - The Ultimate Guide

All the ins and outs and what-have-yous of updating and renewing your kitchen with new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. From cost, to planning, to choosing a style, to measuring and ordering and installing. This guide covers all the steps along the way.

Installing Solid Surface Countertops

Pictures and step-by-step instructions for installing an acrylic solid surface countertops.

Selling sheets of solid surface countertop materials to do-it-yourselfers and homeowners. Also adhesive and applicators to install solid surface counters yourself.

How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Detailed tutorial for installing cabinets. Layout and level, plumb installation instructions. Many photographs showing the details of installing both base and wall cabinets.

Installing Kitchen Cabinets

(VIDEOS) Demonstrating installing wall and base cabinets as well as assembling new cabinets and installing draw slides and doors.

Other Helpful DIY Sites

Safe Asbestos Abatement Guide

PDF download with helpful advice on asbestos in the home. Includes information on the abatement process, the cost of asbestos abatement, and tips on how to hire a professional to do the job

Mesothelioma Causes

"Asbestos is the only proven cause of mesothelioma". Get all the facts on exposure and sources of asbestos in your environment. Resources for those suffering from

Designing Your Own Home Theater

Tips and considerations for designing a home theater of your own.

Here's an extensive index of cost estimators to determine what you will have to spend to complete home improvements, from floor to ceiling. All associate expenses are included: materials, supplies and if you hire someone to do the work for you, the labor cost is also included. Search by zip code to find accurate job cost in your area.

Remodeling Cost

Estimate the cost of remodeling projects including decks, windows, roof and more. Search by zip code.

Repair mac computers, gaming consoles and smartphones using these superior repair guides. Thousands of guides, each including a VIDEO demonstration, illustrated, step-by-step written instructions and links to all the help you'll need to repair just about anything that goes wrong with your device.

This website offers help with water damage problems around the house, from preventing it before it happens to dealing with the consequences of plumbing leaks, roofing leaks, and severe weather like hurricanes and flooding. Find tips on how to avoid water damage to your home and information on how to start repairs, including dealing with the inevitable mold growth that follows water exposure. Also find local listing of contractors to help clean things up if you're unfortunate enough to have water damage to your home.

Home Products

Get real reviews of products you use everyday, from garden hoses to portable air conditioners. has used these products first-hand and they're ready to give you the real dope on how well they work or don't work.

Antique Lamp Parts

Everything you need to repair an antique lamp or build a new reproduction in the original style. Switches, sockets, tubing, shades, and more.

Antique Store Directory

Comprehensive directory of antique stores in the USA including all types of vintage and architectural salvage dealers. Find antique hardware, building materials, lighting and more by searching this directory.

Lewis Bamboo

Nursery specializing in cold hardy bamboo to add tropical beauty to your landscape, provide privacy screens and put ornamental plants in your gardens.

Direct Buy

DirectBuy is a club that allows members manufacturer-direct pricing for over a million products relating to home remodeling.

Log Homes, Log Cabins and Log Furniture

Helpful Information and Plans for Building Log Homes.

Bathroom and Shower Fixtures

Wide selection of shower and bath fixtures including enclosures, shower heads, heated towel racks and much more.

Home Improvement Tools

Fasteners: Machine Screws and Nuts and Bolts makes it easy to buy your nuts, bolts, screws, washers and specialty automotive fasteners. Check out our popular hardware assortments. U.S., Metric and stainless steel fasteners.

Steppin Up, Inc.

The High Stepper is a safe alternative to conventional stilts and ladders used for drywalling, taping, mudding, painting, wallpapering, and more.